Guide Comprehension Exercise

Understanding “The Guide”

For each IB Diploma course, the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) creates a guide. It provides in-depth detail of course structure and assessment and, for any course, it is essential reading. In Computer Science, I will require you to become very familiar with its content and, in an attempt to kick-start that process of familiarization, I have created this comprehension exercise.

In your groups, you will be asked to construct a short presentation on some aspect of the course. To do this, you will need to:

  1. read the relevant material
  2. discuss it in your groups
  3. decide how to express it
  4. create and deliver your presentation

Please resist the temptation to copy whole swathes of the guide and paste them into you PowerPoint slides, and remember that visuals aid understanding (this is particularly relevant if you are working on one of the syllabus units sections).

Task 1 (10 minutes)

Find the guide and read the Introduction and the opening section on the “Nature of the Subject”.

Task 2 (50 minutes)

Prepare a short presentation (5-10 mins) on one of the following according to your group. Below each are some terms that you will need to explain in your presentation:

Group A
Common Units
1. Systems life cycle and software development
2. Program construction in Java
3. Computing system fundamentals

Group B
HL-only Units
4. Computer mathematics and logic (HL)
5. Abstract data structures and algorithms (HL)
6. Further system fundamentals (HL)
7. File organization (HL)

Group C
Program Dossier
Mastery Factors

Group D
Assessment and Time Allocation
Case study
Action verbs

Task 3 (4 x 10 minutes)

Deliver your presentations. Make sure each member of the group has an equal share of the presenting!


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