Key documents and links

You will need to refer to these documents throughout the course.

Pseudocode specification. Exam questions requiring code to be written must now be written in pseudocode as specified by this document. Pseudocode is like a general programming language. It allows you to specify the steps of an algorithm but you couldn’t actually compile and run it.

IB Computer Science Guide (first exams 2014). There is a link to this already on the blog but it is so important that I will link to it several times.

The Subject Outline. An at-a-glance summary of the course and its assessment.

JETS (Java Examination Tool Subset). Java is a huge language and not all of it can be examined. This document outlines what assumptions students can make when answering questions in Java. This is for the OOP option only.

CSopedia. This is a work in progress website written by IB Computer Science teachers for IB Computer Students.

Case study (HL only). To be released soon. Paper 3 will contain questions that refer to the contents of this document. You need to read around the subject and will be expected to have done your own research.

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