Quiz: Introduction to Linear Functions

Quiz date: Friday 31 August

All Grade 9 material is assumed knowledge, such as:

  • Use of point-slope, slope-intercept, standard form
  • Slope formula
  • Calculation of the equation of a line from:
    • two points
    • a point and the slope
  • Knowledge of the relationship between two lines whose slopes are parallel or perpendicular
  • Knowledge of the equations of horizontal and vertical lines

New Grade 10 material to be assessed:

  • Be able to use multiple representations of relations
    • graphs
    • sets of ordered pairs
    • algebraic equations
    • arrow diagrams
  • Recognise when a relation is a function and when it is not
  • Identify the domain and range of a function
  • Be able to use function notation and evaluate functions for specific domain values
  • Develop functions from real-world data and consider the effects on their graphs of changes to the data (eg in the spaghetti experiment, the use of a heavier cup or thinner spaghetti)

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