Linear Functions Test: Homework and Revision Materials

The test is on Friday. Those at pre-IASAS will take the test on Tuesday (Block G) or Wednesday (Block E).

Here are some links to linear functions revision resources.

Here are the links to recent lesson notes:

You should bring your graphics display calculator (GCD) to every lesson and every quiz/test. If you don’t bring it, that’s your problem. You will be expected to find the equation of a line of best fit using your GCD. This is a video showing how to do it.

We also need to look at function inverses. Here is a video introduction from Khan Academy.

Your homework, in addition to test revision, is to watch these videos and practice (a) finding the regression line (line of best fit) for the data in questions H1, H2 and H3 on the scatter plots sheet and (b) find the answers to the following questions:

Find the inverse of the following functions:

(a) f(x) = 3x +2   (b) f(x) = 2-2x

I will check this at the beginning of the second lesson of this week when we will do some more practice.

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