Homework: using triangle trig

I’ve been surprised in both of my classes how many of you adopt a rather unsystematic approach to problem-solving. This week’s homework focuses on a neat, organised approach.

Your task is to do question 6 from the last handout. You may have already done it in class, but this task is all about presentation, so please do it again.

I would like to see:

  • Question number
  • Diagram
  • Statement of required precision in the final answer (significant figures, or decimal points if the question says so).
  • Intermediate results quoted with 2 extra significant figures.
  • Two statements outlining the method that you will use to solve the problem.
  • Clear working with intermediate results single-underlined and the final answer double-underlined.

I will check this work in class next week. It needs to be hole-punched and in your maths folder. If your work is incomplete, or scrappy, or you haven’t used a ruler, or you haven’t put it in your folder, then I will ask you to do it again during tutorials.

Here is an example:


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