Project Ideas — some (more) guidelines

The safest option is probably a simple storage-and-retrieval system. Any of the school’s regular events benefit from software like this. Ones we’ve had in the past are:

  • Lab equipment inventory.
  • Multimedia lending library.
  • Orchestra seating plan database.

Sports data tracking: athletics, fitness, swimming.

  • These are pretty straightforward and there are plenty of clubs and teams in which to find clients. All you need is add/edit/delete players, add stats, do some sort of reporting on those stats.

Another safe bet is a teaching/learning aid. We’ve recently had:

  • Chinese language learning (twice).
  • French language learning.
  • Physics quiz compilation.

I personally think some sort of elementary school learning software would be a great idea. I have three young kids and can help with ideas!

Games and Simulations:

These are a new idea that the change in the syllabus has allowed, but as you may have gleaned in the last few sessions, I find the possibilities very exciting. Be careful though. They will require a lot of thought and are often fairly mathematical in nature.

Words of Warning

  • Don’t be too ambitious, and if you’re not sure, ask me. Remember that the aim is to get you a 7 in this subject.
  • Don’t try to reproduce the functionality of well-known pieces of software like Word, Excel, Outlook.
  • Don’t try to do a project that relies heavily on another system. You are likely to have compatibility and security issues.
  • Don’t try to do a multi-user project or a networked project unless it is very simple.

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