IB Computer Science 2: First-day handout, 2015 exam

Letter to Parents

Welcome back for the final push. This summer we’ve had another outstanding set of IB results with HL averaging 6.67 and SL averaging 6.0. The bar is set high but if anyone can beat it, it is the class of 2015.

This year goes as follows:

  • Finish the taught syllabus: We have only one topic left to cover and it dovetails well with the IA, which is why I leave it until now. It will be done by the end of August.
  • Internal Assessment (IA): This is the key piece of project work. It is worth 20% to HL students and 30% to SL students. I will make the assessment criteria totally transparent, as always, and I will expect students to follow my guidelines assiduously. It is imperative that students meet their deadlines. Having to rush this work in January will almost certainly cost an IB grade.
  • Case Study: HL students have a case study element to their exam. This year it concerns Electronic Banking. During the course of this year we will devote time to researching the issues surrounding electronic banking so that we are well prepared for any question that could come up. However, the IB state clearly that they are looking for students to do their own research into case study material, and to incorporate it into their written exam answers.
  • Prepare for the exam: By the time we reach February I want students to have completed their IAs and finished all course notes. From then we will concentrate solely on reviewing course material and polishing our exam technique.

In terms of work, the final year at school is among the most demanding of a person’s life. It is essential that students make the very best effort they can, all year long. They can relax come June 2015, but until then it’s got to be hard work all the way.

Best regards,

Justin Robertson
Computer Science
International School Manila

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