Topic 4: Key examinable material

Pseudocode (syntax, key algorithms, lots of practice)

  • Nested conditionals
  • Loops
  • Arrays
  • Nested loops
  • Collections
  • Specification (operators, syntax, etc)
  • Sequential search vs Binary search (discussion)
  • Bubblesort vs Selectionsort (discussion)
  • Some idea of algorithm efficiency. Number of times a statement will execute.

Trace tables

Boolean logic: IF THEN ELSE AND OR NOT. Compound statements using AND and OR.

Flowcharts (construction not required)

  • Flowol
  • Standard algorithms

Examples of computational thinking techniques, real-world and computing

Recursion (This is HL only and so not Topic 4)

  • Factorial
  • Towers of Hanoi
  • Binary tree traversal and node counting

Definition, advantages, examples of

  • preconditions, postconditions (Good examples here)
  • subprocedures
  • parameter passing
  • abstraction (e.g. Classes, higher-level languages as composites of basic assembly (ADD, CMP, STO, LOAD, etc)
  • Gantt charts

How to write a decision-making summary paragraph. “If this then that, else something else.”

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