Your task is to produce a playable version of the familiar game Hangman.

At least, your program should:

  • Allow you to set the word
  • Allow the next user to guess the word
  • Report on the current game state
  • Detect win/lose conditions

This project will take a week or two to do properly. It will require a full page on your website and will be graded. You page should be broken down as follows.

  • Introduction: Write a few paragraphs demonstrating that you know how Hangman works and follow it with some initial ideas about how you are going to go about programming it.
  • Planning: I would like to see full pseudocode for how your game works. This must be done before you start coding in Python.
  • Resources: How did you research your project? What did you find to help and where?
  • Source code: You full source code must be uploaded to the website, preferably with syntax highlighting.
  • Showcase: This section is for you to draw attention to the parts of the program that you are most proud of. Demonstrate your creativity and logical thinking. Think of a challenging aspect of the project. How did you meet that challenge successfully?
  • Sample output: You should show a single screenshot of a complete game being played.
  • Video: Your video should show the game being played
  • Reflection: Comment on the development process and what you learned. Also indicate what you could do better next time.


  • Each time the user makes a wrong guess, draw a picture of the gallows representing the game state.
  • Write an AI function that PLAYS hangman. How would you do this?


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