TOK Mini-essay: Perception and Language

Respond to one of the prompts below in essay format. You should try to write about 500-700 words. Please make sure that your response in placed in your google folder for this class.

  • To what extent does language influence our thoughts and perceptions of the world?
  • To what extent is the personal knowledge you gain through perception and language influenced by shared knowledge?

You must incorporate the essential TOK concepts in your essay. Your structure should be:

  • Identify and explain the knowledge question.
  • Identify and explain a knowledge claim that the knowledge question implies.
  • Identify and explain a counterclaim to that knowledge question.
  • Draw conclusions from your analysis and comment on how they shed light on the original knowledge question.

You should use examples from what we have studied in class and also from your own research. Do not just rock back in your chair and trot out whatever you can vaguely remember from class. If I detect that you have done this, you will score poorly. You can find a list of useful TOK websites here.

The marking rubric is as follows.


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