Python review:

We have a quiz coming up in Python, but I will give you some time to review what we covered early in the course. The following online exercises from will help you to review:

Do the following sections:

Using Python on Mac

The IDLE that comes with Python for Mac only gives you an interactive REPL (ie You type a line of Python and it executes it as soon as you hit Enter.). In order to run files, this is what you have to do.

  • Download Python 3.x from and run the pkg file
  • Make a desktop shortcut to Python Launcher
  • Open up TextEdit and choose Format, Make Text Only
  • Write your Python program, e.g. print (“Hello World!”)
  • Save as
  • Find in a Finder window and drag it onto your new Python Launcher desktop shortcut
  • Bob’s your uncle

Alternatively you can find a full IDE. My understanding is that PyCharm is pretty good.