Coming up in Integrated 2…

  • There are too many people wanting to do the Sheriff of Nottingham task to do it in one sitting. Therefore, Block E will do it on Thursday 21st February, and Block G will do it on Friday 22nd February, 2:30pm Room 3030. If you have commitments that mean you can’t come on the specified day, then come on the other day.
  • The trig project is due on Friday 1st March.
  • You will have a test on trig on Friday 8th March. Among other things you will be asked to find a sinusoidal function from its graph and to graph a sinusoidal function from its equation.

Sherriff of Nottingham Project

This project is optional. It will be graded as a quiz. You have one week to study the problem attached below and then, next Thursday 21st February, you can attend a one-hour session from 2:30-3:30 in Room 3030 to do a similar problem. If you do well, it will increase your grade, but if you do badly, your grade will decrease.

MODELLING TASK – Sherriff of Nottingham – project rubric

MODELLING TASK – Sheriff Nottingham Task

Homework solutions: completing the square

Here are solutions to both of the questions set. I didn’t see the point of repeating my comments so read both set to get a full picture of what’s going on. What you’re doing here is solving a quadratic in which the coefficient of x^2 is not zero by completing the square.

I checked with Mr S and he is happy for you to use the “plus or minus” sign in your solutions, so need to do the last line. Of course, if you are asked to sketch the quadratic, or state the value of one of the zeroes, then you will need to split out the plus or minus into two separate solutions as I have done.

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