Program Dossier

A Analysis

A1 Analysing the Problem

A2 Criteria for Success

A3 Prototype Solution

B Detailed Design

B1 Data Structures

B2 Algorithms

B3 Modular Organization

C The Program

C1 Using Good Programming Style

C2 Handling Errors

C3 Success of the Progam

D Documentation

D1 Annotated Hard Copy of the Test Output

D2 Evaluating Solutions

E Holistic Approach



Even though Java is currently the language in which the program must be written, there is no stipulation that the program must be object-oriented, a top-down approach is perfectly acceptable.

The dossier must be submitted as hard copy only. No electronic media is allowed.

The mastery aspects should be listed with the page number(s) where they occur in the code listing together with a brief description of how their use benefits the solution.

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